Answers to some of the more frequently asked questions:

Q: How is the event funded?

Registration fees don't cover the all costs, however we enage sponsors to help meaning more people are able to take part.  We expect everyone to join in and help with our Give a Little fundraising, opening their own pages linked to ours to canvas family and friends.   Tickets, tables, auctions and raffles also fund our event and all the profits after we pay the bills go to KTL.

Q: I don't work in Information Technology can I still take part?

This event is designed to give sedentary workers the chance to get up, get out and get moving.  While we do permit at our discretion non-IT to participate you may find that we prioritise our selection to keep the theme of the event true to our core principals.  Does your primary line of work mean you're using technology all day?  If yes, you're probably who are after.  We reserve the right to not accept applications however as many other professions such as trades people have their own annual fight promotions.

Q: I'm really unfit, is this just for athletes and those grunting gym types?

Absolutely not, in fact we prefer taking the most unlikely people on the journey from fat to fit. That is after all part of the reason we are here, that and raising funds for a much needed cause.

Q: Is there an age limit?

Yes there is.  In order to be considered, you need to be over 18 at the start of training and under 45 years of age on fight night.

Q: When does training start and when are the fights?

Training starts towards the end of January/early February and runs for the 14 weeks leading up to the fights.  Wellington fight night takes place on May 2nd, with Auckland 2 weeks later on May 16th.

Q: I want to train at a specific gym, is my choice guaranteed?

Nope, you are welcome to request a preference of gym and we'll endeavour to place you where we can, but we need to ensure a balance of weight, height, gender and experience between the teams.  In most cases over the last few years people have been allocated to their preference but that just depends on those signing up. 

Q: I already train at another gym in town, can I just train there?

Nope again, in order to be considered for this you need to train with our coaches.  They will know if and when you are ready to get into the ring.  Safety is one of our primary concerns and you won't be given a fight if the coach doesn't think you can safely compete. 

Q: Which gyms are available to train at?

In Wellington, the red team will train out of Martin Degnan's in Lower Hutt and the blue team will train at Wellington Boxing Gym in Kilbirnie.  In Auckland the Red Team will train with Dan Hooker at Combat Academy in Ellerslie with Brad Riddell running the Blue Team at City Kickboxing in Mt Eden.

Q: How much does it cost to take part?

Registration is $100 for the program, however there are other costs such as your own gloves and protective gear as required and blood tests if you get to fight.  Thee costs are broken down in the Welcome Pack on the application to become a fighter page.  in case you were wondering, $100 works out about $2.38 per gym session for an awesome experience - cool huh?.  You'll need a pair of 16oz boxing gloves, some hand wraps and a mouth guard, but we'll be working with our sponsors to get you a great deal on those.  If you get selected to fight you'll also need either a groin guard or a chest protector depending on which bits you need to protect, and also those actually getting in to the ring will need to provide blood serology test results to show you're clear of Hep A/B and HIV.  Please note there are no refunds once you sign up, if you do change your mind and no longer wish to continue your entry fee is considered a donation to the cause. 

Q: Am I guaranteed a fight?

No, unfortunately not.  Signing up gets you into the training program but it takes more than just signing up to get you into the ring.  Final selections will be made about 4-5 weeks out when everyone has had the chance to learn to box and get to a suitable level of fitness.  Several factors influence you getting a fight such as your level of fitness and being able to match you with a suitable opponent.  You could be the best novice boxer we've ever seen, but if you're the only 100kg guy left at the end then it's not fair to match you with someone at 90kg.

Q: What happens if I don't get selected to fight?

DO NOT GIVE UP... You keep going, you do that because there is always a chance you may get called up to fight at the last minute.  People drop out even 48 hours before and if you keep training you still have the chance to get into the ring.  If you give up, you don't.  Ever. 

Q: Can my kids come and watch?

That depends.  The fight night itself is R18 so as long as they can prove they are older than 18, sure.  

Q: When do corporate tables and tickets go on sale?

We start offering tables out to sponsors and contenders at the start of the event planning process, then open to the public shortly after.  General admission tickets usually go on sale 8 weeks out from fight night.

Q: Can I get my own sponsors?

Sure thing!  If your own company or someone you know wants to back you and promote your journey that's all good, but unless they are an official event sponsor we won't be able to provide any promotional services (Facebook endorsements or website content etc).

Q: What are the training times?

All noted in the Welcome Document on the application page.

Q: I've competed before, can I go again?

If you fought in the last show there's a mandatory 1 year stand-down - probably better to give someone else a chance, but we never say never. 

Q: How long does the training go for?

We run a 14 week course to give more people a chance to be ready come selection time.